Archetypes Living in Fairy Tales

When I started exploring my Shadow with help of book „Principle of Shadow“ by Ruedriger Dahlke, the first days I felt lost as if wandering through bushes and looking for something that I didn’t even know what it should look like. I, however, was determined not to give up and continue walking even if I didn’t understand what I am doing, writing my „Shadow Diary“ tirelessly with hope that a path would emerge at some point. Continue reading


A Rhythm of Life

In western part of the world we got used to a linear “from – to” perception of time: from Monday to Friday, from five to nine, from a weekend to a weekend, from a vacation to another vacation, from birthday to birthday. There still are some cultures in the world that perceive time not as a straight line, but as a cycle, a spiral; similarly as our ancestors lived in harmony with repetitive cycles of nature. Continue reading


Follow Your Heart. Always

Vocation is more than an employment, since it is something we enjoy doing, we do it well and we believe in what we are doing. On contrary, an employment is a way to make a living, not necessarily feeding our soul. I cannot remember the name of a guy who mentioned once that our society is bound to die of too much entertainment. A cult of endless fun, carelessness and instant solutions has penetrated every area of our lives, including ways how we look for a job. We are no longer searching for our true calling, we most often look for a job that will be fun to do. Continue reading


When Everything Becomes A Burden

We’ve met in a small book shop that already witnessed plenty of “accidental” meetings and where many wonderful friendships started. Although we hadn’t seen each other for a long time, we skipped casual courtesies and without a “welcome in” ceremony I was dragged into a discussion – just like when old friends meet or as you can know it from those American classics, you know, those scenes in a men’s barber shop, where they talk through the whole day about whatnot. Continue reading


Not So Believable Signs of Illness

If we believe we are more than just a body, that we have a soul and a spirit, it seems natural that the one influences another. I guess no one would argue against the well known saying “Healthy body – healthy spirit”, but those who are more rationally inclined might not find it easy to accept an idea, that the state of our mind and spiritual matters can too influence our physical wellbeing. Continue reading

lesson of the doors

Fear Ain’t Gonna Make You Rich

Fear is the greatest block to success. It doesn’t need to be the conscious feeling, as when we are afraid to pass through a dark forest late at night, or when the plane we sit on gets into dangerous turbulences. Fear can be the permanent state of our mind, preventing us from doing what we desire and forcing us to live hypervigilantly, constantly feeling under threat and stressed out, not being able to face justifiable risks in our life – What if I won’t get another chance? Fear limits us in all matters of life. Continue reading